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Better Days

I've finally started getting my computer certifications and am working regularly again. I'm in the process of ripping dvds to upload to jpopsuki, but i don't know if i ant to upload more craze dvd's or die in cries dvd's or d'erlanger dvd's.

New score books

I got a ton of new scorebooks and will be listing all i have here on my journal. If anyone has any requests the list will be up within the week.

Boowy last gigs bandscore

Here is the Boowy last gigs Bandscore in pdf format. I didn't scan it i found it floatying around the net. Enjoy




Getting back into the groove

Here is secret reaction from buck-tick

i'm still working on a few tabs and i hope to have them done soon.

The Economy

Sorry i haven't posted for a few days, i lost my job, and have been hustling for a new one.

Hurry Up Mode

I've been working on transcribing a couple of songs off the first buck-tick album today. Words can't express how much i love this album, the light textures of the vocals but there is a more darker emotional edge to the music. Hopefully in a couple of days i will be able to upload some more tabs.

Time is fleeting

Another day has passed and i haven't accomplished anything on my to do list today, oh well
Everyone needs to hear this album, the songs are great.
Atsushi voice is mesmerizing and imai and hoshinos guitar work is wonderful.


Life sucks

With the economy the way it is i'm having a hard time making my rent and bills and the future doesn't look much better.
thank god i have a guitar. lol

Learning how to play Guitar

I've spent the last 3 months teaching myself to play guitar, and it is going very slow. I've been trying to learn the songs off the first Buck-Tick album Hurry Up Mode. Eventually, i plan on transcribing the songs to guitar pro and adding them on the net as there is a lack of Buck-Tick tabs around.